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Naukri Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Govt. Approved License No. 657/063/64
P.O.Box: 23321, Gongabu, Kathmandu, Nepal
(Tel): +977-1-4362686, 4385786
(Mob): +971 526844555 (UAE)

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The following are the key personnel:

Chairman & CEO

The Chairman/CEO personally oversees the company’s day-to-day operations, and plans and directs all strategic solutions for every requirement of clients. Client concerns are directly forwarded to him for immediate resolution.

Director- Business Development

The Director- Business Development coordinates with local government offices, like the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Overseas Employment Administration (OEA), Overseas Worker and Welfare Administration (OWWA) and other various Government entities with regard to requirements and legal and welfare matters.

The Director- Business Development personally attends important meetings and functions with Government entities to discuss various manpower intricacies.

The Director- Business Development likewise monitors and handles the critical matters involving the aforesaid Government offices.

Recruitment Department

The Recruitment Department is directly supervised by a Senior Manager and a Junior Manager.

The said Department controls a client’s new requirements, conducts strategic planning, and supervises the interview and selection process of the client until the time of the conclusion of the final interview.

Operations Department

After a client’s final interview on the candidate, the latter’s entire record is being endorsed to the Operations Department which handles the processing until the time of a candidate’s deployment.

Accounts & Finance Department

The Department is responsible in the management of the company’s Accounts and Financial affairs.

The said Department likewise undertakes the communication with the clients respecting financial and accounting matters.

Legal, Admin & Welfare Department

The Department has a Legal Counsel/Advisor for both the Corporate Affairs and Worker Relations of the Company, with the assistance of the Legal and Welfare Manager, who also work hand in hand with a Legal Officer, Legal Assistant and Admin Assistant.

The Department is responsible for managing all aspects of employer-employee relations, whether it pertains to the affairs of the Company’s own and internal employees or the Company’s deployed workers.


All of the incoming correspondence are being posted in our designed network drive on a daily basis, which labeled by date, project group assigned, Company name and subject matter of the correspondence. All of the posted daily incoming correspondence can be read simultaneously by all members of the staff at the Head Office and Branch Offices as well.

Although all correspondence is being posted, the Secretary still sends any correspondences which necessitate immediate action directly to the concerned personnel.

The Secretary archives all internal, outgoing and incoming correspondence at the network drives which are being segregated by Company Name, labeled by date, project assigned and subject matter for future reference.